Monologue Monday Entry Three: Red Light Stop

Carter, father and husband, sits at a red light in his car. Slightly inebriated he begins to nod in and out waiting for the light to change. The clock on his dash reads 01:58AM as reaches for the radio knob in aims to keep him awake. Scrolling through the FM stations, he’s surprised by the … Continue reading Monologue Monday Entry Three: Red Light Stop


Joseph convinces his four friends to set out too what they believe to be a film class project. Rumors surrounding the isolated mountain town of Elk River told of an English teacher who spoke about communicating with the dead. The school eventually became abandoned after the sawmill went under and the town’s population plummeted. After a local paper states that the remains of his daughter have recently been found buried outside the school grounds The Sunday Crew decides to check it out for themselves. Upon further investigation of this abandoned school they find his works may not be as fictional as the town believed.