Monologue Monday Entry Three: Red Light Stop

Carter, father and husband, sits at a red light in his car. Slightly inebriated he begins to nod in and out waiting for the light to change. The clock on his dash reads 01:58AM as reaches for the radio knob in aims to keep him awake. Scrolling through the FM stations, he’s surprised by the … Continue reading Monologue Monday Entry Three: Red Light Stop

Monologue Monday Entry Two: The Elves of The War Meadows

The Elves of The War Meadows cheerfully dance and drink in celebration of life in the form of a newborn goddess, Zeale. The pub is filled with every member of this closed society all in high spirits. Walls carved from white pine stationed inside the hollow of a rolling hill. Lanterns light the narrow corridors … Continue reading Monologue Monday Entry Two: The Elves of The War Meadows

The Gatekeeper


Orion (he/him), a trans teen, attends a funeral for a local boy who has recently taken his own life. Orion’s father, a pastor in this rural conservative mountain town, takes the opportunity, and his position, to speak on the sinful nature of suicide. With little to no support around him, Orion copes by writing himself into a fictional multiverse where he faces off against creatures and champions alike. Tasked to retrieve the rose-tinted ruby, stolen by The Gatekeeper himself, Warrior Orion has many challenges that lie ahead; both on and off the page.

All My Friends Are Freaks: BTS and Reader Q&A

Within this blog post, I’ll be discussing the creation of the short story series All My Friends Are Freaks. The significance of each of the main characters; Ethan, Twitch, and Annie will be outlined in-depth alongside a drafted map of the behavioral health center with actual photos from inside the facility! Additionally, I’ll be responding to your questions from the All My Friends Are Freaks Q&A

Texas State Capitol Building

Constructed in 1885 within the heart of Austin, the Texas State Capitol Building stands valiantly atop a hill. Monuments scatter the grounds, with a historical museum and gift shop off to the side. Tours are offered to those seeking a more traditional travel experience. However, rumors of spirits that haunt the grounds and building itself … Continue reading Texas State Capitol Building