Haunted History


Father Matthews impatiently scrolls through last year’s Christmas concert photos on his phone. The blue light from his device reflects off his clerical collar, dimly illuminating the confined confessional closet walls. Light rainfall can be heard trickling off the church roof onto the sidewalk outside. A collection of altar boys change the pace of his […]

Your Mothers Eyes

“Quiet,” they bark at the boy chained to the corner of the room. His face dawns blood, dried upon his cheeks, welled from his recently emptied eye sockets. “Momma,” he cries. “I said quiet, boy,” they demand once more. “You don’t want me to kill her, do you?” they threaten, hovering a peculiar knife over […]

Top 3 Haunted Places in Maine

Top 3 Haunted Places in Maine Grab a lobster roll with your friends and cruise through the dense Maine wilderness. If you’re looking for more of an adventure away from the traditional tourist traps of Maine, be sure to add the following locations to your road trip itinerary. DISCLAIMER: Remember to receive proper permission before […]

Apache Death Cave

In 1878 alongside the Little Colorado River, a Navajo encampment was attacked by a collection of Apache raiders. The planned attack by the Apache left most Navajo men, women, and children dead. As the Apache were looting the encampment, they came across three women whose lives were spared but were taken as prisoners.  Navajo leaders […]


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Inside an elevator shaft at an abandoned asylum. (Above.)

John Marrows

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With an interest in the unknown and disbelief in the afterlife, I actively seek out opportunities to test my worldview by exploring abandoned and paranormal hotspots. Join me, if you dare!

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