Monologue Monday Announcement

As 2020 approaches, many of us reorganize our lives and update our artistic endeavors. The roots of my writing come not only from the interest in horror but also from my experience working in live theater. In 2020 I hope to branch out into more stage productions either as a writer, performer or even as a stagehand. Monologue Monday will be a weekly content project through 2020 where I’ll be stretching my playwright muscles and channeling my inner theater geek.  Each week I’ll be posting a new monologue from works I’m currently drafting, projects that have been previously rejected, and even some from characters you already know and love from one of my short stories. The first installment will be uploaded on Monday, January 6th, 2020. So, be on the lookout for some hopefully not so horror-ble (reaching, I know) new works.

Do you have any 2020 artistic goals?

If so, how can I help?


John Marrows

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